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Corrugated pallets offer a great alternative to wood and still have the strength and integrity to handle heavy loads.

Light Weight

Corrugated pallets weight 10 lbs. versus 50 lb. average for wood.  You save fuel, you can stay under weight limits and ship more product. Safer for your employees preventing injuries

Custom Designs

Yes, we have standard sizes but if a custom fit is needed, marginal tooling costs to meet your request for a custom design.  Go straight from the warehouse to the floor as the corrugated pallet can be a great fit for displays too!



That's right!  Corrugated pallets meet the standards for International shipping, no heat treating required, so one SKU to address domestic or exports.


No more build up of old pallets!  Simply incorporate into you day to day compacting of your corrugated items. Now you can capture monies for the corrugated tonnage.


  • Light weight
  • Safer for employees
  • Recyclable
  • Green alternative sustainability


Corrugated pallets come in 2 way or 4 way access for forklifts. Can provide a runner style or block style. The top and bottom determined by product load and product positioning. The load needs to be distributed equally.


To take full advantage of the corrugated pallet, equipment can be brought to your location requiring marginal square footage to assemble on site using precut formed sheets that marry up to an assembly 'jig'.  Make up a pallet in less than 30 seconds. Virtually eliminate freight costs for truck loads.


  • Must have supported racking
  • Can handle moisture but not total emersion in water
  • Product load weights can exceed 2205#

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